Reply To: Rev3 Williamsburg Cancellation

Brian Lee

No cancellation but I did talk to the race director, myself, and decided to move it from Sunday to Saturday since the weather looked better! Only 75 degrees and cloudy in mid-August? That was excellent race weather!

Granted this is not a real tri with everything that goes into race day, but my two goals this year were to 1. Feel better at the end of my race this year than I did last year (especially the run), and 2. Get my race time under three hours. I am happy to report I was able to accomplish both!

Bike went well without any issues and I stayed on target for my time and hydration. I felt great during my run, incorporated run/walk and hydration, and finished right around my goal time. I finished the run few minutes earlier than expected so I had to wait for the pool to open up. Swim was fine, although I had some cramping in my legs which is probably why we normally swim first! Luckily I was in a 4ft pool and not open water. But all in all I finished in 2:47:40 and felt pretty good at the end!

Not sure I would make the Fairlington Tri an annual event, but for a virtual race it was a good day!