Reply To: What’s Next?

Justin Kraeger

Coach AJ,

Long time since my last post. I found this season, although strange indeed, very rewarding. After a few minor injuries I definitely improved immensely on my running (a weakness for sure) and in the water. I even improved on the bike, which is my strength.  The biggest frustration has definitely been the lack of access to swim. I didn’t realize how much I would actually miss those sessions.

I love all the advice above on what to do now that the season is winding down. I plan on completing the dumpster fire tri. I have open water access so I am going to try and simulate my race as realistically as possible. I too am looking to up the ante next year and move onto a half IM. Any recommendations on how to properly plan for races? I know these registrations will fill up quickly, even more so with cancellations from this year carrying over to 2021.  Any idea when the half IM program will fire up for the 2021 season? What race it might align with? Other planning advice for those wanting to take our 2020 training to the next level?

Thank you for all your advice and guidance during the craziest of times.