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It’s a weird year to do awards having no programs which is where a lot of these come from, but looking back over the last two years and my thoughts:

  • Brady Nelson (I still miss you Brady) Spirit of DCTri: Sean Maloney – always races in a DCTri kit, is a co-leader of the TriOut group (our LGBTQ+ (and friends) group, which EVERYONE should join), is always supportive about everything DCTriClub does, and just several weeks before IMLP wiped out on his bike and broke his collarbone yet still came up to IMLP to cheer and spectate and volunteer at the finish line. Everything that the Spirit of DCTri embodies.
  • Club Member: Courtney Waltimyer – represented everything DCTriClub stood for and always will. 😢😢
  • MI Male: Joe Shields and Daniel Smith – I couldn’t decide which one of these two to nominate, so I’m nominating both and I hope equally that they both win (so I’m hoping for a tie). They both absolutely astounded me with their performances this year to the point of my jaw dropping and me going: “where did these guys come from and how did they get so @#$*&$ fast?!?!?” I’m beyond impressed with both of them. They are astounding and beyond the most improved.
  • MI Female: Eva Kodouskova – continuously amazes me on the race course!
  • RoTY Male: John Sener – FINALLY did his first triathlon this year! NTP last year but STILL the RoTY!
  • RoTY Female: Sadly, I do not know offhand of a female to nominate for RoTY. 🙁 I hope some NTP folk from last year know of an awesome lady to nominate in this category!
  • Veteran Male: Brian Lee – dude just did his first HIM and crushed it! With a SMILE on his face!
  • Veteran Female: Joyce Jones – might not have done a triathlon this year, but was incredibly supportive, encouraging and motivating in the virtual challenges that lots of us did.