Reply To: Bike for training and commuting?


Chelsea, I’m so sorry to hear your bike was stolen! That really stinks. I echo those who mentioned craigslist and FB marketplace; just look at how ads are written to try and screen if they’re stolen (this may have been more of a problem in Philadelphia, where I lived before, than DC). Maybe also post in the general DC tri club forum and FB? I’ve seen a few people selling old gear as they upgrade.

I’m no expert, but since you’re just entering the world of triathlon (like all of us), I’d make sure the bike really works for commuting and your day-to-day needs.  I have an endurance road bike, which means it’s a little more comfortable (less aero and slightly wider tires). You’re not fully upright, but you’re not fully hunched over all the time. It has drops but you don’t have to ride that way all the time! I like going into the drops on downhill or just to change up my position, but don’t spend all my time there. You have a few arm position options!

My bike is a 2016 Fuji with a Shimano 105 gearset (I found changing gears with the 105 to be worth the cost over Ultegra). Other popular brands are specialized and Lucy. I know a few folks who got their road bikes from REI.