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Lisa K

Attention NOVA FAAST and furious DC Tri Clubbers:

I’ve been involved in protesting the implementation of tolls on I-395. I spoke at 2 public meetings. They are BS – tolls 24/7 everyday including holidays. The deadline for comments to VDOT is today. If you wouldn’t mind, could you send an e-mail to VDOT stating that you oppose any new tolls? It can be very simple. I oppose the tolls on I-395 because:

– they are too expensive
– I do not carpool and want to use the express lanes off peak
– the variable tolls are confusing
– I do not have a transponder
– I like the flexibility of using the express lanes when it is non-rush
– the tolls target the elderly, people with low income, self-employed, tourists
– raises the cost of living in Alexandria and Arlington
– the toll lanes do not reduce traffic
– does not take into account of improving public transit
– lowers property values

Subject line: Re: I-395 Express Lanes Northern Extension
To: Ms. Amanda Baxter

Did you know that on 12/6/16, the I-95 tolls hit $30.00? $30.00 to use a “public” highway!%@! Transurban, the private company will have a 72-year lease on the I-395 Express lanes, and is not obligated to give any money back to Virginia unless it hits its profit goals. Even if Transurban has revenue, the local jurisdictions will only receive $15 million. Further, this money is not earmarked for any particular public transit plan or highway improvement. $15 million is nothing. The DC Streetcar on H Street cost over $220 million and only goes 2.2 miles. Let’s urge our lawmakers to improve transit and build bike lanes instead.

Why is VDOT punishing drivers who cannot afford to pay the tolls without anything in return? Virginia needs to focus on modernizing our highways and expanding public transit. Tolls on I-395 are not the answer. Please keep the current configuration of rush hour HOV-3 and allow all drivers to use the “public” highway during non-rush hour. If you would like a sample letter, please e-mail me.

Thanks, – LLDC