Reply To: training and LT numbers


Thank you Cindy for bringing this post to our attentions!  She is correct that with the migration to a new website we have to adapt to new processes.  Hopefully we are making head way now…

And Cindy is correct, we will answer the vast majority of these questions at the Kick Off Meeting.  This is why we keep stressing it so much.  So bring your questions on February 6th.

That said, the short answer is yes!  Even if you want to focus on swimming and cycling, as you transition into long course racing, HR zone training is vital.  It’s vital not only for fitness progress and optimal training/racing, but it’s also as important to minimize injury and illness including overtraining.  Overtraining can end your season and most often this points to ‘overpushing’ on the run.  Thus it’s necessary even if it’s not your focus this season.  In fact, above average runners or competent runners are the athlete base that really should be using HR zone training for the run.

More on this on February 6th, 2017!  See you at the Kick Off Meeting!

Coach AJ