Reply To: Orientation and Triathlon 101 Follow-Up Questions

Kate Ayoub

Hi everybody!

Yes – there is no silly question. This is the place to ask.

Reps & sets for strength: 10-15 reps, two sets on each leg (for the single leg exercises). If 15 is easy then add weights in your hands (holding dumbells) as needed.

Changing workout – if you are comfortable in the water you could switch one of your swims to a bike – indoors if you have it. Be careful with ramping up too quickly or adding too many runs. Remember our 10% rule – only increase intensity or duration by 10% each week to decrease risk for injury.

Workout times (warm-up and cool down) – for the bike and run they do not include warm-up or cool down. Please do the dynamic warm-up and then walk 5-10 minutes to cool down after. For the swim – you can include the warm-up and cool down into the swim times.

Let me know if you need more clarification.

– Coach Kate