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I literally just had a session with Smiley this evening for a pre-fit for a tri bike (will soon be posting on the classifieds section to see if anyone is selling one in my size).  Here’s why I highly recommend him:

I originally went to see him for this pre-fit in September and he could have taken my money, found some angles that would get me in the saddle, and sent me on my way.  However, he found that 1) a different bike fitter had not fit me properly into my road bike and, as a result, I’d been riding it wrong; and 2) due to a lack of flexibility, I wouldn’t be able to ride a tri bike the right way to get enough of a benefit from it to make it a worthwhile purchase.  He decided that if I couldn’t ride it the “right way,” he couldn’t in good conscience take my money to do the fit.  Instead, we used the session for him to fix the road bike fit and he sent me home with instructions to come back when I’d put some miles riding that bike the right way and after I’d improved my flexibility using some stretches he gave me.

Four months later, I’m easily cruising on gears that I’d previously found difficult to maintain on my road bike and I’ve hit my flexibility goals.  That accomplished, he fit me for a tri bike, walking me through every step in the process and providing thorough explanations along the way (and only cost $75 since I’d had the road bike fit within the past 6 months).  He’ll also provide me with his analysis of any bike I’m considering in my search.

Also, as someone noted, there is something to be said of the fact that Smiley has nothing to sell you except his bike fitting skills and his reputation.  Many a bike shop probably would have stuffed me onto a poorly fitting tri bike to get a purchase, but he wouldn’t allow a client to leave with a fit that wouldn’t have met his standards.