Reply To: Gear 101 Follow-Up Questions

Mark Raugust

As for other gear choices when you buy, it’s always best to physically go touch, handle and try-on gear before buying rather than just buying blindly off of the internet. That said clearance can get us awesome discounts, here’s the Specialized Clearance page where I bought my aero helmet Aero helmets are highly optional but one of the least expensive upgrades you can buy to make you slightly faster .25 to .5 mph depending on conditions, your riding form and how fast you ride, if you are a slower rider you definitely want to prioritize a helmet with more vents to keep you cooler over an aero helmet. I usually train with a regular helmet but race with an aero helmet. If you are only buying 1 helmet, there’s no need for an aero helmet. Our merchant partner Bicycle Pro-Shop also gives DC Tri Foks 15% off of parts and accessories and will special order non-clearance items for you and still give you the discount if there’s something you want but they don’t have in stock.