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    My 4 year old is all about making his own smoothies this summer.

    Basic recipe is frozen berries/fruit, yogurt, juice, banana. Sometimes replace the juice+yogurt with milk (protein powder would make a good recovery drink).

  • Upcoming opportunities to claim items! I’ll be at the following events with a bag full of unclaimed old kits to give away.

    Club training tri this Sunday 6/23;

    Summit to Soul/District Taco running clinic 6/30;

    Diamond in the Rough 7/13


  • All of the cycling tops are small, although they are all “club cut” style which is a looser fit than race cut. Bibs are all medium, except for one which is small.

    Also, after looking a little more carefully the tri top is also a medium, as is the cycling jacket.

  • Way too many prior year kits taking up space in my drawers so these are free to a good home:

    4 cycling kits (men’s medium bibs, small jerseys)

    3 sleeved one-piece triathlon suits (men’s small)

    1 sleeveless one-piece tri suit (men’s small)

    1 sleeveless tri top (men’s small)

    1 cycling jacket (men’s small)

    1 pair of armwarmers (men’s…[Read more]