Reply To: Training After Sick

David Eng

I agree with what Mark said.  Wait until you’re recovered to train again.

Coach Kate probably has a better answer than me, but for the time being, assuming you’re recovered as of today and you’ve only missed 2 weeks, begin with first week at Period 2 and ignore all the workouts you have missed before.  If you notice, the swim and run workouts for Week 5 is the same as Week 3.  The only difference is that Bike is added on Week 5, therefore, starting from Week 5 does not violate the 10% rule per discipline even though you missed Week 3 and 4.  (BTW, Week 4 was a recovery week, which you took as a sick week).  Since we’re already 5 days into week 5, that means you’ve missed 5 workout days.

I would make-up those 5 workout days by shortening the March 14 – Week 8 recovery week to only do two recovery days, and replace the remaining 4 recovery days with the 4 build workout days that you’ve missed.  For the last workout you need to make up, either ignore it (it’s no big deal to miss 1 workout) or do a double workout day (either swim + bike, or swim+run, but…..NEVER Bike + Run (unless you’re doing it purposefully for brick training).

David Eng