Reply To: DC Tri Master's Swim Promotion


Hi Ross,

I joined Master’s last summer and have found it to be incredibly beneficial. I started off at Wilson but switched to morning practices at UDC in the fall since it works better for me schedule-wise. (Word of caution: if you are thinking about trying out a morning practice, I suggest checking in with the coaches to get an update about the water temperature at UDC. The temperatures have been out of whack for a few months because of boiler problems… and we even had a few wetsuit mandatory days in December and January).

At Wilson there are two lanes for Master’s practices. You can self-select if you want the slower lane (outside lane) or the faster lane, yet there is still quite a range of speed within each lane. I started Master’s without ever having done any drills, so I was unfamiliar with all of the lingo. So, my suggestion is to ask any (and every!) question you have about the drills. The coaches are really helpful! They differ in coaching styles: some offer feedback without you even having to ask for it, and others wait until you initiate by posing a question or asking them to watch you swim and then critique something with your form. Don’t be shy about asking them to give feedback on something specific you are working on.

I have taken a hiatus from Master’s since January to enjoy the bath-water temperatures at Takoma, but I plan on heading back to UDC later this month. I need Kelly and Brian to hold me to that commitment. 🙂