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…and yet another recommendation for Smiley.  I spent three sessions with him getting my bike (which I thought fit well) and me ready for Ironman North Carolina last fall.  Simply put, it was the best money I spent on my bike outside the bike itself.  Smiley spends hours ensuring that your bike is fitted to you – well beyond some of the other sophisticated fitters I’ve dealt with.  As noted, he has no economic stake in getting you to buy any accoutrements/adjustments for your bike – I needed some risers for my aerobars – I think a total of 20 bucks.  He added a few washers to my pedals to open up my hips a little.  While the bike course in IMNC was cut short, the multiple century training rides in the training period validated Smiley’s fitting.  Make an appointment – you won’t regret it.