Reply To: Peasantman – Gear & Training advice

David Eng

As to gear, you missed the boat for the new design for the tri kit.  You can order the clearance design here, if they still have your size left. It’s really an amazing deal and I ordered a jacket from there just now that I’ve been eyeing for a long long time.

The only difference I think is that the new design has darker colors, because the old design had colors that faded and the red became light pink, and the blue became purple.  I’m still wearing my old design for 3+ years now and frankly, I don’t see the pink or purple that people are complaining about.  Also, you will have to use it A LOT for it to start fading into that color anyway.

As to your training/racing question, I’ll leave that up to Coach Kate.  I did OLY swim, sprint bike, and sprint run my first year of Peasantman.