Reply To: water temp for Williamsburg triathlon – July


Hi Tina,

A few days ago I got an email from Rev3 with some race information. One of the links within the email was to a race info. sheet from Endurance Nation, which (I learned) is Rev3’s coaching partner.

The following blurb came from this race info. sheet, and it has some tips about the swim and planning for the current and water temperature.

The Swim:  The swim is in the Chickahominy River so there is the potential for some current (course is reversible if required). More importantly, the mean water temperature in July is 79 degrees. According to USA Triathlon, anything over 78-degrees means competitor may use a wetsuit but won’t be award eligible. (Note: No one is allowed to wear wetsuits at 84-degree or above.) Given the heat, we don’t recommend you swim in a wetsuit unless absolutely necessary — most competitors lose so much fluid due to sweating in the wetsuit that their race performance can be significantly compromised. 

Here’s a link to the whole guide:

Ultimate Rev3 Williamsburg Race Guide