Reply To: Peasantman 'Tune Up' Race & Training Weekend – May 6-7


Peasantman is a good start of the season. I have been doing some training but not 100% as my training plan started this Monday so I signed for the sprint.

Swimming –  I wanted to do the swim in less than 19 min (my time last year), but it took me 21 min to get out of the water. The water was choppy and got a bit disoriented, I ended up swimming 120 extra meters :-/ .But a good practice for bad conditions.

Bike – once again, I got a flat tire during a race (after like the first two miles on the bike). This year I was prepared, and only took me 8 minutes to change it (vs 15 last year and 1hour + many youtube videos the first time). I did the kinetic half bike course on Saturday, it was rainy and cold. I’m glad I did it because the forecast for kinetic this Saturday is also rainy and cold.

Run – this is the first time I have enjoyed the running part. I’ve been practicing splitting the running in 1 mile at a time. Mentally it helps me to keep focus and motivated.