Reply To: Looking for new long-ride routes and intel on the Eagleman Course


Hi Everyone,

Thank you for the intel on the Eagleman course! I really appreciate it, and while I will likely trek out to Cambridge to try it at some point it seems as though some routes closer to DC are worth checking out first.

After I posted a few days ago, I remembered the Great Pumpkin Ride out in Warrenton. While I haven’t done the official ride in October, I have gone out to do the 30-mile route twice. I found the cue sheet to be really clear. The scenery is lovely and there is a nice mix of country roads more residential areas. There were other cyclists out as well, and it seems the drivers are accustomed sharing the road.

I didn’t stop to refuel along the way with the shorter ride, and I can’t remember if there were gas stations along the way once you were on the main roads. But, I imagine the brewery would allow you to pop in. Here is the link with the cue sheets for all 3 rides, if anyone is interested.

As far as the Davidsonville ride goes, are there are few places to stop along the way? Also, thinking of traffic, would you say that it is still relatively safe to do that ride on the weekday or is it better to stick to a weekend?

Thanks again!
– Heidi