Reply To: [NTP 2017] Training Group: NoVA (Arlington, Falls Church)

Kyoko Kawai

Wed. Morning (5/24) track workout.

Coach Jule and I will be there.  Also we are providing track workout fundamentals to NTP and other track beginners.  (please meet me at 6:10am at the track)   If you want to get feedback on your running form and/or cadence and pacing, this would be a good session as coach Jule can provide you feedback during the workout.

6 am individual workout
6:15am group workout meet us at the corner toward N. Stafford st. and Washington Blvd. on the track.

Workout:7 min. at 15K pace, 3 min active recovery, 7 mins. at 10K pace, 3 mins. active recovery, 7 mins at 5 K pace.   Goal is to finish this without stopping.