Reply To: [NTP 2017] Training Group: NoVA (Arlington, Falls Church)

Kyoko Kawai

W-L HS Wed. Morning track workout (May 30) from Jule.  I will be there to facilitate the workout.  If you missed last week’s NTP special track but would like to get track workout 101 this week, please meet me at 6:10am where the group meet instead of 6:15am.

6 am individual warm up and 6:15 am group workout meeting at the corner toward N. Stafford St. and Washington Blvd on the track. See you tomorrow.

800 run at 5k pace
20 jumping jacks
20 mountain climbers
2 minute rest

1600 run at 10k pace
15 squat jumps
15 lunges
2 minute rest

2400 run at 15k pace
10 pushups
10 v ups
2 minute rest

400 easy run