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I am not one of those lifetime athletes that is super fit and super fast. In fact, I didn’t really do any physical activity until about six years ago. I realized then, that unless I started doing something, I was just going to keep layering on the pounds. When I started running, I could barely make it a mile! A couple of years later I started biking because most training plans recommended “cross-training and I happened to have a mountain bike in the basement. This led me into doing a couple duathlons which were all part of a triathlon. At the end of 2013 I decided that I would learn how to swim and do a triathlon. I joined DC Tri Club and enrolled in NTP 2014!

Over the years, I have met some of the greatest people I know. When you train, race and socialize with people, you make great friends. The club offers so many training programs, social events, camping weekends, etc., there is truly something for everybody in the club, no matter what your level of experience is.

Back in 2014, because there were so many NTPers on Capitol Hill, we ended up forming the Capitol Hill Community Group. I have been a co-lead on the group since then and have organized quite a few activities over the years. The training programs, social events , camping weekends, community groups or even the club itself wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the members that volunteered their time to make it happen. It is in this spirit, that I would like to nominate myself, Rob Read, for a board position. I would encourage others to volunteer as well so that we can continue to make the DC Triathlon Club a club we all want to be part of.


Rob Read