Reply To: Session III/IV Data from Off Road


Success!  Sort-of.

I was able to get some of the data from the bike into other apps.  Started with just HR from my Ant+ HRM into my Garmin and then to Strava.  Tried also the Wahoo Fitness App which will give you cadence and HRM independent of the bike, but you need a foot pod (which will also work on your bike outside).

StagesFlight is the app offered by Stages Cycling, who makes the bikes at OffRoad DC. Features are similar to the data that would be extracted if we were all signed up for a “regular” class at OffRoad, and used the same bike every week, VismoX  software, etc., as Ron mentions above.

I used the iOS version of it, and eventually got it to sync with the power meter on the bike, and a Bluetooth HRM.  Some findings / tips:

  • You’ll need to add “your” studio bike as a sensor in the app.  The label on your left crank arm has the sensor # you will input.  Hold your phone next to it to sync initially.
  • HR doesn’t transfer from the meter to the app, hence the Bluetooth HRM.
  • Turn off Location Services for the app, otherwise it will try to use the GPS data from the “ride”, which will mess up your distance when you upload to Strava.
  • Some data doesn’t make it to Strava.   (and if it’s not in Strava, it didn’t happen)
  • Distance is about 5-6% different between the app and console on the bike, even with both “start” buttons pressed simultaneously.

Overall though, it gives you some good data to review after the workout, while you read Ron’s newsletter.  And, it allows you to compare your metrics from class to your Mid-Week Workout, other rides, etc. (Though obviously it’s not a perfect comparison due to differences in trainers, etc.)

So, from most data to least (think of this as your nerd-ranking)

  1. VismoX in a real OffRoad DC class
  2. StagesFlight app with phone & HRM
  3. Wahoo Fitness App with phone, HRM & cadence pod (saw one of the Back Row Ladies with that one)
  4. HRM with your watch.
  5. Taking your pulse at key intervals during the workout.

If anyone has figured out a better way, I’m all ears.  I’m not a tech guy, so I haven’t figured out how to post screen caps.

Did someone sync the bike to their Garmin directly?  What data did that give?