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It definitely is a chicken/egg problem and hints that we need to do better with member engagement to get members to chime in with their race schedules. I also think it’s a bit of a website issue as the Race “attend” area is not as easy to find on the new website. I’m pushing the web developers to get this on the main home page in more obvious area, but fixing kinks in the membership/signup portal is a higher priority (as it should be).

That said, there are few races that the club will definitely have a large attendance at:

  • Kinetic Triathlon (Half & Sprint): we always have a bunch of club members who race this event.
  • Bear Triathlon (Oly & Sprint): the Mideast Regional Club Championships. We hope to see a bunch of club members join us out in Bear, DE for this race and help us claim the Division I regional championship for 2018! Stay tuned for an announcement about both of these May races (Kinetic and Bear) regarding some special partnership perks that will be available to club members only at these races.
  • Rev3 Williamsburg (Sprint, Oly, & Half): all of our club programs (NTP, ODP, and HIP) are aiming toward Rev3 as their goal race. There will be a lot of club members present and our club colors will be flying high in Williamsburg that weekend.

So there’s a start for some races to put on your race calendar to race with a bunch of club members!

And if you don’t have gear to show your club colors, don’t forget the group buy has been extended through to tonight!! 🙂