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WaveOne’s Swim Clinic, PeasantMan Triathlon, Training & Racing Weekend, May 5-6, Lake Anna, Virginia–


For those looking for the Open Water Swim clinic, the registration URL is at the bottom of this section. If you registered for the short Super Sprint race, there is no need to go through the OWS registration link.


For all regular sprint and Oly registrants, register for the OWS clinic, please. For those unfamiliar with the OWS clinic below are the details. Keep in mind that all other clinics that we put on are free. No need to register for those.


  1. We bring in a professional Open Water Swim vendor, WaveOne Swimming, give you a top notch experience.
  2. Buoys and kayak support will be provided.
  3. There will be a 45 minutes lecture and Q&A session on land. Once that’s over, you will be sent into the water.
  4. We will provide buoys and kayak support for about 90 minutes. The buoys will be up for longer. You can swim for as long as you want.
  5. You can swim around the buoys or if you are new and are afraid of the open water, you can swim parallel to the beach where you can stand if you get into trouble.
  6. We normally attract people of all abilities to this clinic. The newbies will be out there to get their first taste of the open water, while getting groped left and right by other swimmers. The veterans will be out the to log in some longer yardage and get reacquainted with the open water.


Open water opportunities, with kayak and buoy support, do not happen often. Please take advantage of this if you can. Come out and get all the nervousness out of your system before the race. Open water swimming is a different beast than swimming in a clear pool with a black line at the bottom and lane dividers on the sides.


In a triathlon, your lane dividers consist of someone’s elbows. Your guiding black line is the feet in your face. In other words, go to the clinic and learn the trick of the trade so as to minimize your chances of experiencing a panic attack.