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Opportunity for cheap good bike tuneups & wetsuit tryouts–

“The May 5-6 PeasantMan Triathlon has teamed up with WheelNuts of Alexandria to give wetsuit rentals discounts and much much more, including the best & cheapest bike tuneups. If you plan to take advantage of this, it’s probably bet to show up at their store to get a proper fitting and reserve the proper size.

To get the discount, go there and just name drop PeasantMan. A lot of you are going to do the Rev3 Willimansburg tri. That race is most likely non-wetsuit, but if ther<span class=”text_exposed_show”>e is a chance and you want to get a wetsuit for that race, just ask for Ron when you get to the store. Tell him that you want the sane type of discount as they one you got for PeasantMan. He has told me that he will be willing to work with you on that.</span>
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For newbies out there, this would be a good opportunity to try out different wetsuits (i.e., sleeve/sleeveless) to see what you like more, before purchasing one down the line. Below is the deal that we’ve worked out with WheelNuts.

1. All wetsuits must be picked up and dropped off 48 hours before and after the event.
2. Cost is $30 for PeasantMan
3. 100% of the rental fees can be applied to any new wetsuit.
4. Used suits will be specially priced based on original price with no additional group discount.
5. Promotional price for Basic Tune up $75 and Precision Tune up $90.
6. Free Tube Friday-Free inner tube with purchase of Installation on any Friday leading to events.
7. 10% discount on P&A and components.
8. Payment for suit rental is completed after last event upon drop off plus any repair fees.
9. $10 repair charge on one or more cuts.
10. Renter is strongly encouraged to try on the wetsuit at Wheel Nuts for fit and Q&A.
11. Pre-Inspection to be performed by renter and Wheel Nuts staff and rental form signed.
12. Post inspection to be performed by renter and Wheel Nuts staff.

WheelNuts Bicycle Shop -(703) 548-5116
302 Montgomery St

Alexandria, Virginia 22314PeasantMan: