Reply To: Goal Race: Williamsburg!

Melanie McDonough

Coming into this race, I had a few mini goals but my main goal was to finish strong to evaluate where I am as a triathlete. For me, the bike is usually my biggest struggle; however, for this race, I was very happy with how my bike leg went. I still struggled with the hills a little but made it over.

The run was definitely my toughest leg. While it may sound silly, I think I struggled with not having music (which I usually workout with) because I ended up focusing on how long the run felt and how tired I was. For my next race, I think I’ll need to start practicing on finding other ways to direct my focus on some positive aspects without the use of music/podcasts.

I too struggled with sighting on the swim. Because of the delay, the sun was in the perfect spot to be directly in my eyes for a good chunk of the race. I incorporated some head up swimming and kept another swimmer in my sights. I had to redirect slightly at one point to make the turn buoy but it wasn’t too bad. Near the end I did accidentally cut off another swimmer because I overcorrected my direction to make the boat ramp (it was a fellow DC triathlete actually so if you’re in this forum, I’m sorry for cutting you off!).

Those were my struggles, but overall I was incredibly pleased with my results and I’m excited to continue with triathlons!