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I understand cancelling due to weather, but the thing that really bummed me out was the very poor communication in how they did it. The organizers sent an email at 2:30-ish on Saturday, notifying us that they had made the decision to cancel at 12:30pm. I was in the mandatory atheltes’ meetings at both 1:00pm and 2:00pm and they said NOTHING. They had a great opportunity to communicate with willing and interested athletes and they didn’t take it. Instead, I found out at 3:30 after a 1-hour drive to get home. Then I had to turn around to go pick up my bike. I feel worse for the folks that traveled from way out of town to get there, of course.

I don’t expect a refund since I know that most of the money we paid for registration is already spent, but it would be nice to have had more communication and transparency from the organizers. Is DCTri going to have any statements about the race or any follow up since we were partners?