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Hey all,

This is Nik Pleisch. I’d love to return to the board for the next term. I’ve been honored to serve on the board since 2012. I’ve had such an amazing experience as a part of the board in the last 6 years, and hope to continue to serve the club as part of this special group of people.
I started in triathlon about 10 years ago while I was stationed in California with the Air Force. While I left the military shortly after, I continued my triathlon life since. My wife’s military career brought us to DC in 2012 and I sought out the club – not just to be a member, but to join the leadership team. I did my first Ironman in 2011 and wanted to give back to the triathlon community here in DC. The reason I’m still on the board 6 years later is because of the people in this club. We’ve had 3 kids in the last 6 years and triathlons have been scaled back, but I still love the community and want to give back in whatever capacity I’m able to – especially here in DC. That said, my 6-year old did a duathlon AND a triathlon this year and is a future DC Tri Club member!!! Funny how the racing focus shifts when you have kids.

I think my biggest strength is that I love people and want to see people succeed. When people have a goal I want to see them succeed. Our club includes many people who have BIG goals – and I hope to be a resource for them!

Nik Pleisch