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    The DC Triathlon Club is seeking eight (8) motivated candidates for the 2019 Board of Directors to join the current Board members serving out the remainder of their two-year term. The Club continues to make changes and, hopefully you agree, improve our offerings and initiatives to make this Club better and better. This is your opportunity to make the future of the club even better! We encourage all interested candidates to nominate themselves for Board membership. A club-wide vote will determine the eight members who will join the 15-member Board.

    The incoming Board members will join the following members completing their term:

    • Justin Bauer
    • Jan Bauer
    • Rob Read
    • Joyce Jones
    • Allison Nordberg
    • Meaghan Jennison
    • Patrick Pannett

    The guidelines for Club members who would like to run for a Board position:

    • You must be a paid member for the 12-month period prior to elections, or receive a unanimous vote from the current Board, to be eligible to run (please don’t let this be a deterrent — contact us!).
    • The term is a two year commitment (2019 and 2020) to the Board.
    • The board meets once per month (2nd Monday of the month) and attendance or calling in is mandatory.
    • The board holds a weekend retreat once a year (2019 retreat will be in February timeframe) and attendance is HIGHLY encouraged.
    • You should expect to commit 2-5 hours per week for Club duties.
    • The club elects people to the Board but not into a specific roll. Returning Board Members are typically given first preferences on keeping their current roll or moving around, so anyone interested in running for the Board should review ALL the directorships and start to formulate an idea of where he/she might want to serve.

    If you would like to nominate yourself, please post here and let us know why you are a good candidate (e.g., what you have done for the Club, relevant experience that will help to make you an effective Board member, and what you would like to see happen in 2019). You must post by 11:59 pm on Friday, November 2nd if you would like to be considered. Responses to this thread should only be to announce yourself as a candidate. Please send any questions to treasurer@dctriclub.org.

    Elections will be held via electronic ballot from Monday, November 5th through Wednesday, November 21st*. The new Board members will be notified on November 22nd and will be strongly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting & Kona Viewing Party tentatively in December where the 2019 Board will be announced.

    Treasurer | DC Triathlon Club

    *Note: Dates are subject to change pending the announcement of the date of the NBC broadcast of the Ironman World Championship (Kona).


    Let’s get this party started.  I nominate Bryan Frank, Nick Pleisch, Liz Glomb, and Margaret Moral.  I’ll let each of them post and sing their own praises while I hum along.


    Umm.. Joyce… this is a self nomination. You don’t nominate other people…..  😉


    Someone nominated me last year, so, well, I did it too. :p


    I would be honored and thrilled to be in consideration for the DC Tri Club Board.  I have been a member of the club for four GLORIOUS years.  I’ve benefitted from the Olympic Distance Triathlete Program as well as Off-Season Spin.  Unfortunately, I did not hear about DC Tri Club’s NTP program until I was already on another team but I am a huge fan of all three programs the club offers.

    I am originally from Southern California where I learned how to swim when I was 10 years old and when my parents realized it might be a source of college scholarships, put me on a year-round club team only strengthening the Asian parents’ stereotype!  Much to their dismay, I received zero college scholarships but did enjoy playing water polo on the men’s club team at Georgetown University.

    I have given back to the club by volunteering at Nation’s Tri the last few years (minus this year obviously) as well as NTP’s clinics in Lake Anna.  I’ve served as a mentor to an NTP and am active with the Capitol Hill group responding to questions about nutrition, races, training, etc.  I have gained so much knowledge and developed relationships with so many awesome club members that I would love the opportunity to give back in a greater capacity.

    Ethan Lish

    It would be my honor to serve as a member of the DC Tri Club board! Serving on the board would give me a perfect opportunity to pay-back for everything the club has done for me.  A number of years ago I started with the NTP.  I recently returned to the club and now I am looking for ways to better engage with the club.

    I have lived in the DC metro since 1981.  I’m originally from California, specifically the San Francisco Bay Area.  I have gained so much experience & knowledge from the club.  I would love the opportunity to give back in a greater capacity.



    I would like to nominate myself, David Jiang, for the DC Tri Club Board. I’ve been a member of the club since 2014 when I did NTP and was hooked. Since then, I’ve benefited from various programs including Masters Swim, the winter marathon training group, off-season spin, and most recently the Ironman program. After gaining so much through DC Tri, I would look to give back to the club by serving as one of your board members. I like to take photos and videos and have been helping to produce the video for PeasantMan the last few years. Perhaps some of these propaganda skills will come in handy. Of the many social leagues and running groups that I’ve tried, this has been the most fun and welcoming community and I hope that we can continue!

    Elizabeth Glomb

    Hello all, I would like to nominate myself for the board of directors for the DC Tri Club. I’ve been on the board since 2015 and have been serving as your clubs Director of Marketing and Communications (those weekly newsletters you get? Yeah, those are from me). I would like to continue on the board as there is so much more I’d like to give back to the club. It would be a huge honor to be voted back on the board for another term. Thank you for your consideration.


    Hello.   I would like to nominate myself for one of the open Board positions.   I have been an active member of DC Tri since I moved into the area in 2012.   Over the years that I have been with the club, I have benefited greatly with my training, participating in the club IM training program (for my first IM in 2014) and preparing me for back to back IMs in 2016 (Chatty and Louisville).   I have competed in club races, social events and have volunteered.   It is time now for me to give back to the Club.  I am looking to get more involved and help the club thrive in 2019.   Specifically, I would like to help with the organization of the club social events.        Thank you for your consideration.


    Two more weeks of nominations and we are seeing some great new names offering up their time to help make this amazing Club even better! Keep them coming!

    Randy Slikkers

    Search Committee:

    Please let this email serve as a formal request to be nominated for a board position on the DC Tri Club governance board. I think there are two key reasons why my skill sets would be a match:

    1. I have been and continue to be an avid triathlete. I am very passionate about the Clydesdale division. I’ve been doing triathlon’s for 13-years, and have done all distances including Full. I’ve also applied to be on the Elite team and represent (and hopefully grow) the Clydesdale/Athena membership
    2. I have worked in the nonprofit sector for over 3-decades. I am the CEO of a global nonprofit and also have my own nonprofit consulting practice, which I have had for 25-years. I have been at the helm of several national associations, and membership activity has always been a primary focus. I have served on many nonprofit boards over the last 30-years, serving at all levels, including the executive level. I think I would bring a wealth of experience to your organization

    I have submitted my resume to your President.

    Thank you for your consideration

    Randy Slikkers


    This is the last week we are accepting nominations! If you are considering running for the club’s Board of Directors, please submit a self-nomination! Nominations made after 11:59PM Friday November 2nd will not be considered.

    The ballot for voting will go out next week. All ACTIVE members will receive an email to the address we have on file to cast their vote. If you have previously opted out of receiving emails from BallotBin, there is nothing we can do to un-“opt out” you as that would defeat the purpose of being able to opt out of something. We will post here once the ballot goes out and how you can contact us if you did not receive one.

    The new board members will be announced at the Annual Meeting & Kona Viewing Party. Save December 1st to join us for the event!! We want to see you there!


    I suppose I can’t delay the inevitable, so here we go!

    My name is Bryan Frank and I am seeking your vote to return to the Board for the 2019/2020 term. I joined the club back in the spring of 2008. The New Triathlete Program informational meeting piqued my interest and I decided to give the sport a try. The rest is history.

    In 2010, I became a Co-Leader of the New Triathlete Program and served as the primary co-lead for the program in 2011 and 2012. After three years in that role, I opted to go for bigger things and joined the club’s Board of Directors and took over as the Director of Programs overseeing all of the club programs. During that time, I worked with the Co-Leaders of all the club’s program to ensure that the club was putting on the best and most highly appreciated and highly respected programs in the triathlon community. After two years of that, I wanted to put my MBA degree to use, so I moved over to Director of Finance (aka Treasurer) for the club overseeing all of the club’s financials.

    I will put this in writing here, but if elected, this will be my LAST term on the Board (let the celebrations or sorrow-fests begin). I have served the Club in some fashion for the last 8 years so I figured I would round that number out to 10 and then hand the reigns over to other worthy leaders. In my last term, I want to focus on engaging the current club members more and figure out how to get them back to our club events and club races and club trainings and re-instill that DCTriClub spirit!

    Thank you for this opportunity and your consideration. I look forward to hopefully being able to continue serving the club in its entirety.

    …and we thank you for your support.



    Hello all.

    My name is Bipin Badhe and I am honored to self-nominate for the 2019/2020 Board of Directors. I seek your vote so I can contribute to our DC Tri Club community.

    This past year, I’ve been serving as a co-lead of the Cap Hill Group at DC Tri Club. I’ve been enjoying organizing bike rides and Happy Hours. I am glad to to see considerable success with folks joining in.

    I am very passionate about all 3 disciplines of our triathlon sport including our social and progressive learning aspect of our club. I am happy that DC Tri Club has supported my personal needs in meeting my goals, more notably, Ironman Month Tremblant this year! Kudos, DC Tri Club leadership & the entire club. Great job!

    I have an MBA from GWU and I’d like to work with our co-leaders and put my skills to use in contributing to our DC Tri Club community in its entirety. In my spare time, I enjoy hosting art exhibits, cultural events and gardening.

    My interests for year 2019 is building team comradry among club members, supporting their progress towards their goals, and a lot more.

    Thank you for including me and your support.

    Bipin Badhe


    Hey all,

    This is Nik Pleisch. I’d love to return to the board for the next term. I’ve been honored to serve on the board since 2012. I’ve had such an amazing experience as a part of the board in the last 6 years, and hope to continue to serve the club as part of this special group of people.
    I started in triathlon about 10 years ago while I was stationed in California with the Air Force. While I left the military shortly after, I continued my triathlon life since. My wife’s military career brought us to DC in 2012 and I sought out the club – not just to be a member, but to join the leadership team. I did my first Ironman in 2011 and wanted to give back to the triathlon community here in DC. The reason I’m still on the board 6 years later is because of the people in this club. We’ve had 3 kids in the last 6 years and triathlons have been scaled back, but I still love the community and want to give back in whatever capacity I’m able to – especially here in DC. That said, my 6-year old did a duathlon AND a triathlon this year and is a future DC Tri Club member!!! Funny how the racing focus shifts when you have kids.

    I think my biggest strength is that I love people and want to see people succeed. When people have a goal I want to see them succeed. Our club includes many people who have BIG goals – and I hope to be a resource for them!

    Nik Pleisch

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