Reply To: Swim training description

Joseph Shields

Thanks AJ. I hadn’t realized a 1,000 meter T-pace swim was coming up and I was a bit confused by the Athlete’s guide. There is a chart on page 17 that has zones based on the 1,000 meter T-pace (e.g., Zone 3 is T-pace), but then in the description of the 200/800 test it describes the 800 pace as Zone 2. That seemed counter-intuitive as I would have guessed that the 800 time would be faster than the 1,000 time.

More importantly – looking through the training plan it looks like the focus is on T-pace or else fast/slow, so that’s all I needed to know!

Another clarification question on running plan. The description says:

4 x medium distance hill repeat focusing on pushing the uphill speed (but keeping it consistent).

Does medium distance mean 2-3 minutes or more like 4-5 minutes (or meter equivalent)?