Reply To: Ironman Bike Nutrition

Hope Nelson

Oooh, the potatoes are something I’ve been meaning to try! One detail keeps stopping me, though — how do I keep them fresh the morning of the race (and the hours in my jersey)? Do I just keep them in a little cooler for pre-race/swim/transition and bring a bag of them out in T1 to put in my jersey pockets? I always get stuck on the details. But I do love a potato, and would love to make this work. I’d imagine the yellow fingerling potatoes would be great snacks! The PB pretzels sound like a great option on this front too.

I love your testimonial on how solid, salty foods early on in the bike saved your stomach for the run and helped you finish fast. Here’s hoping that combo will work for me too! I’ll start giving it a try on longer rides just to see what happens. 😉

(Thanks also for your well wishes on the cough! I get sick about once every year or two … and this one has really made up for lost time! Ugh.)

Looking forward to hearing others’ nutrition ideas! It’s just as fun as a recipe swap. 😉