Reply To: Z2 Training Question

Denny Goforth

I would like to piggyback on Melanie’s question about zone 2.  I had my max HR calculated by cardiologist and calculated range for each zone based on that.  Let’s just say top end of Zone 2 is 138 bpm.  When biking, it is easy for me to get into, and stay in, zone 2 because I can control resistance and speed.  With running, however, I am in and through Zone 2 within a few minutes and find it impossible to stay under 138 bpm, even when running extremely slow (12-12:30 pace).  I’ve started walking once HR heads into Zone 3 to bring down HR to bottom of zone 2, then start jogging again until HR hits top of zone 2 but I can’t even go 1/4 mile before I have to slow down again.  I’m coming from a running background, but have never trained with using HR zones.  Yes, I know I am out of shape and coming into this after over a year off, but after reading “80/20 Triathlon”, I am concerned that I won’t be able to stay out of the higher zones.  Is this to be expected given my fitness level, and should this improve as my fitness improves, or should I be concerned?