Reply To: Half Ironman On-Bike Nutrition

Katie O’Driscoll

cannot seem to get this right. It seems like no matter what refuel interval I try, I feel my energy subsiding and a slowdown of pace before it should be time to eat. If I drew my energy levels on my long rides, it would look like a wave going up and down. Could it be that I don’t have a similar schedule for hydration? Or could it be possible that I actually do need to eat something every 30′? That seems ridiculous.

Additionally, I am having an equal amount of trouble not being completely pooped before my brick runs. I down a GU about 15-20 minutes before I’m done with the bike, but it has yet to make me feel ready for the run. Or is that just what the first few miles of the run will feel like?

It’s especially frustrating because I have always nailed my marathon nutrition (GU every 45′ on the dot, alternate water and Gatorade and take something at every station). Why does it seem like I need more energy on the bike than I do on my run?

-Katie O-B