Reply To: Goal Race: Eagleman

Joseph Fengler

Ok, the above didn’t paste like I expected.  Last year, Atlantic City 70.3 had almost the same conditions.  Projected rain during the bike with cloudy, drizzle on the run.  A few thoughts.

Two large plastic bags.  I am putting my bike and run gear in separate bags that I can close to keep the water out.

Dry socks for the run.

The rain and wind will take more effort than expected.  Watch your heart rate and be prepared to go slower to hold your target heart rate.

Old-ish tires will be a problem. Water will find every knick and cut in your rubber. And with the high spin rate, will cause a flat tire as that water works it’s way into seam.  In AC 70.3, there seemed to be a flat tire at every turn.  If you are thinking that it is time for new tires, do it before the race.  And then out a few miles on them.

Tire pressure.  Would welcome AJ’s thoughts here.  But, I am going take about 10 psi off my pressure to make my tires more grippy.

Hydrate when wet. I find it hard to drink when I am soaked in rain.  Need to do it.

I am headed down today.  Anyone want to meet for dinner tonight, ping me here.  Also, willing to meet for a group swim on Saturday.  I plan on going without a wetsuit.

Good luck!