Reply To: Goal Race: Eagleman

Joseph Fengler

A few updates.

The Swim Course has been changed.  The course now runs counter clockwise with the buoys on the left.  This moves the course to a more protected inlet.  The swim course exit has changed from the printed materials.

Water temperature will be taken at 4:45am.  Low probability that it will be below 76.1 degrees.  So, anticipate swimsuit optional and if you decide to wear one, you will start at the back of the last group.  I hope the water dips under 76.1, but it looks like it will be over by a tad.

The last 12 to 14 miles of the bike ride is expected to have headwinds between 15-20 miles per hour.  So, brace yourself for a smart bike strategy at the end.

Also, as you walk up to check-in tent, on the left, you will see the Ironman Triathlon Team tent.  If you signed up under DCTC, your name will be on the list.  You will get a special band to wear post race that gets you into the Tri Team Tent – and three free beer coupons.  So, don’t forget to get your special band.

I am thinking of taking a practice swim at 11:00am.  Feel free to join me.  We can swim where the swim course exit is located.  I will have a DCTC shirt on.