Reply To: Mid Season Check In


Will chime in with my own experience.  Ramp up to 16-17 hours/week of training has been pretty tough to stay on top of – particularly with work travel and long weekends (the irony is I find it harder to get away to train on long weekends because of the demands of wife, son, and two dogs).  Tough to find a bike to go on a 5:00 hour ride when in  a foreign country – particularly in Africa.  Did four and a half hour ride on a commuter bike a few weeks ago – wasn’t pleasant.  Think I topped out at 14 mph.  Can’t get myself to sit on a stationary bike for more than two hours before going crazy.  Per the Athlete Package, trying to focus on getting my long runs and bikes in.

Heat has been brutal.  Strapped a rear bottle cage on my bike so that can carry three bottles with me for the long rides.  Drinking 1.5x the amount that I expected.

For long bikes, feel like I have exhausted the distance of my known routes.  Few weeks ago found myself aimlessly biking though rural MD.  Anyone have suggestions on 85 – 120 mile rides leaving from DC?  Prefer to stay off trails as trails get too crowded.  Typical route is Reservoir, to MacArthur, to River, to Glenn, to Estworthy, to Seneca, to roaming around back roads.  Any suggested routes would be much appreciated.

For the swim, i fell pretty comfortable swimming the IM distance at my target pace ( around 2:00min/100M).  Should I continue to do the prescribed drills and workouts or just use the time in the pool to do a constant swim?

Thanks in advance for any advice!