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Hey Ed – I’m the “race lead” for this one. Here’s the extent of pre-race planning…

  • I’m arriving Friday mid-day or so and will be setting up the club tent to the south of the transition area, near the finishing chute. I welcome anyone who is there and can come help me set up!!!
  • I’ve booked reservations for dinner at Tidewater Grille. They were difficult to book a large number for. I booked a reservation for 10 at 6:30 pm Friday and another 8 at 6:45. Anyone else who comes in after that can be seated in small groups as they arrive. If I get a lot more than 18 who say they want to come to dinner I can try to add another block or two.
  • Other than that, we definitely appreciate anyone who can volunteer some time Friday afternoon to setup, Saturday morning to get refreshments and other items out and set up, and Saturday afternoon to tear down!