Reply To: Good Luck IMMD & IM Chat!


Thanks so much, Coach AJ!  And thanks for all the training help the past few months!  That was a heck of a ride!  Congrats to all the other racers, I hope everyone was able to hit their goals!

Got my fair share of jelly stings during the swim.  Bike felt like no matter which way I turned I was always in a headwind.  And the sun came out just in time for the run.  Good times!  I knew the run would be painful but didn’t think it would be thaaaaaaat painful.  Mile 6 of the run was the worst for me.  Hit a complete wall: deep in the pain zone and didn’t want to go on.  5 minutes of walking two salt tabs, three cokes, two waters, and an internal pep talk later I started putting one foot in front of the other again and kept on going.

Went well: no equipment failures, pretty dialed in with nutrition (although probably needed a bit more sodium during bike), happy with my bike and swim splits given conditions (although need to work on swim sighting).

Didn’t go well: Run… Extra minute and a half per mile than I planned.  Probably a few pounds too heavy.  Running in heat and full sun just drains me – need to train for that or pick a course with more shade 🙂

What’s next: Marine Core Marathon, Netflix, beer, family time!