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Sam Cretcher

I am nominating myself for a position on the DC Tri Club’s Board of Directors. For those of you that don’t know me, I’ve been member of the Club for two years. In that time I have learned much about the Club, its offerings, and its members by participating in a whole host of programs and events. For instance, I was a participant in the 2018 New Triathlete Program, and during the last year I have coached Wednesday evening swim practices for the Master Swim Program. I’ve also attended a club race (Splash n’ Dash 2019), a training camp weekend (Deep Creek 2019), and a handful of other events, including happy hours and bricknics.

My experience with the Club has been entirely positive, and I’m constantly impressed by the work it does for its members. That being said, I always keep an eye out for improvement. If I were to join the Board, I would identify areas of improvement by reflecting on my experiences, as well as listening to the Board and the general membership about what problems they think exist, and then work with the Board to solve those issues. That may mean changing Club offerings, improving communication, and/or finding ways to make the Club more appealing to prospective and current members. (My millennial self firmly believes that the Club logo and kits need makeovers. Think old MasterCard logo versus new MasterCard logo.)

While I have only been involved in triathlon for two years, I’ll be well-equppied to handle Board responsibilities because of the knowledge and experience I gained while serving as the Administrative Chair of my law school’s flagship law review journal. In that position, I was responsible for overseeing our staff (sixty editors), managing the multi-stage editing timeline for the articles we were to publish (we published more than seventy in the year I served as Admin Chair), and handled other administrative tasks, such as organizing the grading of the “write-on” (the three-part writing and editing skills test given to prospective editors). During my time as Administrative Chair, my biggest achievement was streamlining our editing process, which had the effect of significantly reducing our backlog of articles without sacrificing the quality of our editing. If given the opportunity, I would bring the knowledge and experience I gained from my role as Admin Chair to the DC Tri Club Board.

Thank you for reading, and I hope I get your vote!