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Brady Nelson – Kelly Lefler – always supportive, and something positive to say when she’s cheering.  As an athlete she’s putting in the work and helping others put in the work everyday.

Member – Courtney Benedict – it was such a gift to share the course in Kona with this woman.  And to share our energy with each other as we saw one another on the Queen K.  She’s been a long time member of the club, an outstanding athlete, and an even more amazing person.

Most Improved – Angela Norcross: There’s no ego with Angela, just quiet confidence and realistic goals.  She puts in the work and come race day executes as planned.  It’s so fun watching her grow and improve as an athlete.

Most Improved – Sam Cretcher – I met Sam when he was just starting with his coach.  He’s grown leaps and bounds since then and it’s so fun seeing him improve (on Strava from 1/2 way around the world).

Veteran – Matt Sarge – He never ceases to amaze me.

Veteran – Heather Prochnow – she’e everything you’d want in a teammate, friend, athlete, etc.  She stopped her own race at IM Ireland to save my race (and my blown sidewall).  “What you are speaks so loudly, that what you say need not be heard.”