Reply To: Travel / Training Advice

Joseph Fengler

Justin, when I travel, my goal is to swim, run and take more time to work core, gluts and hamstring stretches. I don’t attempt to bike – even on indoor gym bikes. My preference. I just don’t like riding off “my” bike as the fit is key to keeping my back from getting strained.

For the swim, I do look for a 24 hour fitness that has a pool or a public pool to swim. 24 hour fitness offers a free three day trail pass. You have to enter your name and email. And more times than not, I can find a public pool and pay the non-resident fee.

As for running…that doesn’t change and I actually enjoy new scenery.

Look to the Athletes Guide on core work and pick a few exercises. Travel is a great time to spend 30 to 45 minutes doing core and glut work. Don’t stress about what you can’t do and just focus on what you can.