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Here are the results of the first two stages

Tour de DC Stage 1 Results

Congrats to everyone that participated in Stage 1! We had about 10 riders but it seems quite a few people veered off on a different road on the Mohican climb or skipped 34th St for the finish so Strava only picked up Jason G and Mason G for doing the whole route. Congrats to Jason G for winning stage 1 and Mason G the runner up! Patrick S was also pretty close but seems to have just missed a turn on Mohican. Also congrats to our females Mary P and Melanie C for representing! Hopefully everyone had fun. Stage 2 is now up if you’d like to continue playing along and for those that would like to join.

Tour de DC Tri Stage 2 Results

Results for Stage 2 are in. Some of you may recognize this as a variation of the Bicycle Rack Sunday ride. It started off as a wet and windy weekend and it was a longer than usual route but that didn’t stop some folks from riding. Good job to everyone that participated!

Congrats to Alek P for winning the Georgetown-Tuckerman loop and runner up Justin P! We also had a number of people that came close like Jason G and Melanie R representing for the women.

Congrats to Mary P for winning the Germantown Bricknic loop! In addition to cows and goats, she also found some llamas along the route!

Let us know if the routes are too long or too short. This was a longer one but will try to keep them around 25 miles or so, so that anyone can participate.

This week’s route will be along the Anacostia Riverwalk trail, a flat stage before we switch to a mountain stage!