Reply To: Tri Watch Suggestions


I bought a Garmin Fenix 5 in November of 2018, and it’s just about perfect, in my mind. Every flaw in my old old Garmin (a 910 XT, if I recall) was addressed in this watch. Plus, you can use it as a wear-all-the-time watch, and get previews of text messages that come to your phone, etc.  I also have had Apple watches, and while they are more robust for the daily phone/watch interaction, I can’t imagine using one for  triathlon.

The Fenix is expensive, but I paid $350 for mine on sale at REI, down from $500.  The trick is to wait for the next version to come out, and then the older generation is marked down. Did the same thing with the 910. Garmin seems to constantly come up with upgrades, so sales are pretty much inevitable.