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Tour de DC Tri Stage 3 Results

Here are the results for Stage 3, from Anacostia to Brookland. Probably should have warned that this stage was mostly trails so it can be hard to go fast, particularly on a nice day when the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail can get crowded and how narrow the Rhode Island Trolley Trail can be in some spots. The top 3 men were only 4 minutes apart for the first half to Lake Artemesia with Joe S being 30 sec faster than the next rider. It looks like once the trails opened up to roads in the second half, he pulled away for the win. Congrats to Joe and Alek P the runner up!

For the women, looks like Kirsten H started off faster in the first half but unfortunately ran into some GPS problems at the end so Melani R rolled in for the win. Melani apparently also stopped along the way at Street Car–they probably appreciated the business! Congrats to both Melani and Kirsten for representing.

A shout-out to Mike S for being the most photogenic! If you do take photos along the way, tag us on Instagram and we may repost.

Good job to everyone that participated! Hopefully everyone enjoyed the water views of the Anacostia Riverwalk Trail and exploring the Rhode Island Trolley Trail.

Stage 4 has been posted. If you like hills, this one is for you!