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Tour de DC Tri Stage 5

The mountain stages continue. This week we’ll be showing some of the hills off Rock Creek with a variation of the BicycleSpace Hills of Rock Creek Ride. The first third is slow going, then once we get back into the park it flattens out for a nice break-away to and back from the Mormon Temple.

Here’s the route:

Start/finish: Entrance to Pierce Mill Parking lot on Shoemaker St

Optional finish: If there’s little traffic, continue south on Beach Dr and then make a left on Piney Branch for a more gratifying finish on top of Mt Pleasant!

Some notes:
– need to go around the gate or take the pedestrian path on the side for Morrow Dr
– there is construction when you get out of Rock Creek from Wise Road and turn left on Oregon. The right hand side is blocked. It’s technically one way for that short block so wait for any oncoming cars. Otherwise you can go around the block.

Watch out for:
– potholes. DC streets aren’t as silky smooth as Arlington
– people on Klingle or leaves when it’s wet

Parking: There’s a parking lot by Pierce Mill, street parking on Tilden as you go up the hill, and also street parking a bit further on Blagden

Some rules:
1. No group rides. Please ride solo or in a pair with good social distance.
2. Finish by Wednesday night if you’d like to count towards the leader-board

Happy Riding!