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Tour de DC Tri Stage 7

Since it’s a long weekend, let’s try a longer route to Olney! This is a great route from Eric from Potomac Peddlars that will show you how to get from Rock Creek all the way to northern Montgomery County and Howard County. No it’s not the beach but the route will pass by Brighton Dam so you’ll get some water views as well as passing by Brookeville Beer Farm on the way back if you’d like to stop for some beer or pizza. Note that Brookeville Beer Farm is only open for carry-out so you won’t be able to consume on premise.

If you’d like to shorten the route, you could start from a number of schools and parks along the way. You could try parking at:
– Olney Swim Center / Olney Manor Recreational Park for ~20 mile loop
– Winding Creek Local Park or Viers Mill Local Park where Beach Dr intersects Garrett Park at the “T” for ~36-38 mile loop
– Rochambeau French International School by Beach Dr + Woodbine for ~50 mile loop
– or you can turn around whenever you like

Make sure you have enough water as there are no gas stations and convenience stores directly on the route except:
– Sandy Spring at mile 24, either at Passion Bakery or Valero gas station

Some other places:
– Olney at mile 38. You’ll have to make a little detour to go into Olney.
– Aspen Hill Road at mile 47 where there’s a Shell and Giant.
– Mormon Temple at mile 55. You’ll have to go up Stoneybrook and then there is a BP.

Watch out for:
– crossing on Viers Mill. Please use the bike/pedestian crosswalk
– traffic on Olney Sandy Spring/MD 108. a little trafficky for under a mile.

Segment Start/Finish: French International School by Beach Dr + Woodbine

Route starts from Pierce Mill but that way anyone from MoCo can join without starting from DC

Some rules:
1. No group rides. Please ride solo or in a pair with good social distance.
2. Finish by Wednesday night if you’d like to count towards the leader-board

Happy Riding!