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Tour de DC Tri Stage 10: Wolf Trap the hard way

Here’s a nice loop from Pro Bike FC to Wolf Trap. It’s a great route with a nice little descent to Little Pimmit Run near the beginning and lots of McMansions to see along the way. It was part of their DMV Classic that they did over Memorial Day Weekend. We’ll cut out the Maryland side since most of us are familiar with this side of the river. There are some good hills so if you like hills this one is for you!

Here’s the route:

If you like you can either start in Georgetown or in Falls Church. We’ll start the segment at Chain Bridge and stop the segment at Pro Bike FC. That way, folks in NoVa can start from Falls Church.

If you’d like to start by Pro Bike FC, there’s lots of street parking around there.

If you’re coming back from Georgetown you can either take MacAurthur to Arizona or to Reservoir and the C&O if you’d like to avoid cars to Chain Bridge. The suggested route is to take MacAurthur on the way out and C&O on the way back.

Segment Start: Chain Bridge Road and Glebe Rd (Virginia side of Chain Bridge)
Segment Finish: Annandale and Washington (near Pro Bike FC)

Watch out for traffic by Chain Bridge at the beginning. The road up the hill is narrow and can be trafficky. Once you turn off Chain Bridge Road there’s little traffic throughout the remainder.

Make sure you have enough nutrition. It’s pretty residential in the first half so there are few gas stations until you get back towards Vienna.

Some rules:
1. No group rides. Please ride solo or in a pair with good social distance.
2. Finish by Wednesday night if you’d like to count towards the leaderboard

Happy Riding!