Reply To: Virtual Race?


Yes, I was gung-ho for the extended training peaks subscription.

But Covid 19 has been an evolving reality, and I decided to defer until 2020, given the vagaries of racing at a very crowded course in September, and the uncertainties of traveling to an out-of-state venue. And I am 66 years old – high risk group.

So where does that leave me with training? First thing I decided to do was to go back to doing rides and runs that I really like doing, such as 50+ mile rides out toward the Tobytown  area of MD from  Arlington — with hopes to enjoy somE group rides with friends when deemed safe.

And focussing on running form, which seems to be my Achilles heel, if not quite literally. My plan is to program a half-marathon in to training peaks, while doing all the core and form work requiredA to meet that distance injury-free, to get that distance under my belt, without injury, so I feel confident about it in a HIM. Haven’t started it yet – will do so soon.

Meanwhile, I am training without a plan, but using the many, many tools I have acquired during these six months. My broad sketch of a plan is doing hills, intervals, distance for both run and bike 3 or 4X a week, with as much strength training As I can muster using body weight/tubing/dry land drills thrown in, plus a rest day. And to enjoy what I do: today, I explored a new hilly area of North Arlington, choosing  to check out a street if it was steep.  Earlier this week, I rode 30 miles on my cross bike on the C&O. Haines Point loops are always A good workout.

That’s where I’m at.