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Last stage for the Tour de DC Tri! It’s the home stretch, the Georgetown ride to the BP station or the T in preparation or celebration for resuming the Sat group rides next week.

We’re still tracking participation if you’d like to try the ride for this week or a previous stage to see how many you can complete. You can find the previous ones in the forum (

Since the last update, we did see the following:

– newcomer Nick T trying the first couple of stages. He many not have enough days to complete the remaining stages!
– Brian who once again did the General Smallwood loop. Unfortunately no additional points for repeating a stage but kudos–he must really like this loop!
– And Chelsey who did the rather hilly loop to Olney/Elder Pine not once but twice! Another repeat offender like Brian.

Here’s the leaderboard. For the men, Alex is currently in the lead with the most no of stages. Brian and Chris are not far behind. For the women, we have a tie at the top with Melani and Chelsey! And Melanie has been slowly creeping up.

Rider # Stages
Alek Pochowski 7
Melani Robinson 5
Brian Lee 5
Chelsey B 5
Joe Shields 4
Chris Knight 4

We’ll be giving some participation prizes at the end so let us know if we missed you!