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Here are the results for the last stage, Champs-Georgetown or should we say Champs-MacAuthur.

It was indeed a sprint to the finish with Rob starting first and throwing down a gauntlet with a blazing time to the BP. Then Chris and Ryan responded. Unfortunately Strava didn’t quite catch Chris on the way out despite his blazing time back–seems the GPS may have had trouble with the trees–and it looks like Ryan may have had to make a pitstop on the way back–hopefully not a mechanical. Congrats to Rob for winning the last stage!

We also saw some folks doing variations to the BP including Seb who went a bit further past and also set a speedy time back.

And both Chelsey and Mark doing variations to the T. Honorable mention to Chelsey for starting around noon at the hottest time of the day!

Good job to everyone that participated. We hope you had fun with the Tour de DC Tri. We’ll give a week or so to tally up all the stages so let us know if we missed you on any of them.

If you are interested, we are resuming the weekly Sat group rides starting this weekend. Yes, these are in person, not virtual! If you’d like to join, we do ask everyone to practice good physical distancing and bring a mask/gaiter for when you are stopped. If you don’t feel safe gathering for a group ride, we totally understand and encourage you to still get out there and train with your quaran-family.

Happy riding!