Reply To: Race postponed: what to do?


FYI, I just discovered another way export the training program for use on a rescheduled event. I’m doing this on a Mac:

  1. From the Training Peaks app home page, go to your account (left-hand side of the screen, where your name is).
  2. In “Workout Summary,” click on “Export data”
  3. Choose the dates and download.  It will be in CSV format.
  4. Open it in Excel or similar.

I haven’t figured out a bulk way to upload again to the new dates, but at least all the workouts are in one place and you can cut and paste them day-by-day, which seems a little easier than copying them from the calendar and toggling back and forth between the original date and new date in the Training Peaks calendar.  Does anyone know how to do a bulk upload? Maybe use the “Workout Files” function?


I will keep tinkering.








, go to your accountIn Training Peaks, go to